Eller, iallefall en representant fra Perth Roller Derby på besøk hos oss i Oslo Roller Derby! Gale Force både trente med oss og trente oss i løpet av et par dager i Oslo. Hun er ute på en liten Skandinaviareise, og hva er vel bedre enn å ta med rulleskøytene og rulle med alle lag man er i nærheten av? Vi tok et lite intervju og et par bilder, til glede for alle derby-fans der ute.

Gale Force fra Perth Roller Derby

Gale Force fra Perth Roller Derby. Bilde: Kari Bye

What attracted you to roller derby?

The sport itself, as well as the skills required to play it were completely new to me and the challenge of learning it was appealing. Once I started it was the derby community and the support from everyone involved that made it that much better.

Did you have any previous experience in roller skating?

Not much! I skated as a child but it would have been at least ten years since I had put on skates when I started roller derby.

You have skated with a lot of teams, what are the differences and similarities between the teams from different areas?

There are number of differences when it comes to strategy and how indvidual teams play together. I’ve also found that some leagues, particularly those in larger cities, struggle to find venues for training or get a regular time slot, but the determination to skate and develop as a league is strong everywhere. I think the main similarity is that every league that I’ve skated with all have enthusiastic, accepting and truly amazing people in them.

Are there any similarities and differences between derby in Australia and Europe?

Roller derby is evolving at such a fast pace, the way the game is played has changed even since I started only a year ago. These changes are being adopted all over the world at different rates from league to league, so differences in strategies and gameplay are definately there. Although the main difference I have found coming from Perth is that in Europe, skating with or against other leagues and countries is much more accessable. Countries are close and reasonably cheap to travel between so the opportunity to learn from other leagues is much greater than in Australia (specifically Perth).

Similarities again are in relation to the skaters and their positive attitude towards the sport and each other.

How has derby affected your life?

Roller derby has changed my life immensely! I have become fitter, more confident, and committed to the sport. It has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people while travelling and experience the culture in every country I’ve been to.

Do you have any good advice for us, a league that has started from scratch, where many of us are fresh meat?

Stay in derby stance! Communicate on and off the track and always support your team mates. Be open to learning anything and everything about derby and practice as often as possible!

Any tips for derby girls who want to skate with other teams on their travels?

Do it! Get in contact with leagues in advance and be organised with how you will get to training sessions. Everyone I’ve contacted has been extremely helpful and welcoming, don’t be afraid to ask questions. The derby community is truly world wide.

Thanks for training us, Gale!

Thanks for training us, Gale! Bilde: Kari Bye