Want to join us?

If you want to play roller derby, contact us at freshmeat@oslorollerderby.no

Want to be a ref or NSO (Non Skating Official) or get in touch with our official crew? Contact us at officials@oslorollerderby.no

General questions

Do you  have any general question? Contact us at info@oslorollerderby.no.

Press and media

Media can contact us at presse@oslorollerderby.no


Want to bout against us? Contact us at bout@oslorollerderby.no

Coaches and practises

Need to get in touch with our coaches, or you are a skater visiting Oslo and want to join our practice? trening@oslorollerderby.no


Contact the board at styret@oslorollerderby.no,

or phone +47 406 48 322